Qi beauty Facial Treatment

Launched in 2006 Qi beauty International has paved the way for a new approach to anti-ageing treatment. Based on the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and magnetic stimulation, Qi beauty is at the forefront of keeping up with the modern woman, providing a beauty ritual that’s all about ease, efficiency and results. With a philosophy to maintain beauty without compromising health by restoring energy for beauty.

The essence of Qi beauty is the existence of Qi in every treatment and product. Qi, also known as energy, plays a major role in health, vitality and happiness. As you age, the skin requires Qi energy to maintain effective cell renewal for a healthy appearance. The Qi beauty Gold facial activates Qi to reconnect the energy skin requires for optimal oxygenation and regeneration, improving overall skin condition and appearance.

Qi beauty’s signature facial is the ultimate blend of modern beauty science and Traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy, merging the two for a unique treatment that guarantees results after only one facial and offers women a relaxing treatment with noticeable differences. The result is a more youthful appearance, as skin texture, tone and energy is repaired to encourage skin to behave as a younger more energetic version of itself.

Each facial is unique to each patient. A matrix, your personalized design made by your Qi beauty practitioner to activate Qi or stimulate skin energy, is tailored to your face at the time of your consult. Initial facials, or the initial Qi activation, will often provide equal stimulation over the entire face, to bring energy to the skin surface and assist cells in the repair process. Once Qi is activated it is maintained with fortnightly or monthly facials After Qi activation, your Qi beauty facial can be tailored to specifically target the areas of concern to you. Neck lift, Eye lift, Lip lift, Facial repair, or décolletage repair can be individually targeted in your facial or through the Qi beauty Home Kit.

The Qi beauty Home Kit has been clinically tested to guarantee results with frequent use following the 12 point matrix or your personalized matrix designed by your Qi beauty practitioner. The Home Kit uses both magnetic stimulation and TCM therapies to activate cells and assist the cells function to repair over the 30 day cell renewal process.

To learn more about what Qi beauty can do for you email sales@qibeauy.com.au or purchase Qi beauty online at www.qibeauty.com

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