Inspiration from Roma Blair

The ‘Mother of Yoga’, Roma Blair, shares her life with us as she begins the next phase of an incredible journey with Qi.

The life of Roma Blair is filled with moments of exquisite beauty, devastating loss and spiritual triumph. Roma was 19 and living in Java after marrying Leo, her first love,  when she was taken as a P.O.W, and held in a Japanese war camp where she would remain for three and a half years. During this time, assumed dead by Australian authorities and her family, Roma would give birth to a son. In a camp without doctors, she wouldn’t receive the medical attention she needed to fully recover. Given stitches with a dirty needle and forced back to work two days after giving birth, she soon contracted dysentery so severe she would sometimes cough up worms.


Finally released at the end of the war her spirits ere intact but she was plagued by ill health and nightmares. Roma moved to South Africa where she soon found yoga.  Familiar with movements and sequencing that Roma had watched the Japanese practice in the courtyard of the prison Roma who had been unaware of the healing potential of yoga and the role of Qi found peace and vitality in the movements. It was finding Qi that would change her life forever

Roma is known as the Mother of Yoga, the first person to have an exercise show on Australian Television and at 43, she was honored with becoming Australia’s first female swami. Roma will tell you that Yoga gave her Qi, and it was Qi that saved her life. In her 80s Roma continues to practice yoga, she allows Yoga to balance her mind body and soul. Now, after being introduced to Qi beauty, she relies on Qi once again to take care of her skin, to make her look and feel as young as she is at heart.

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