Reinvent your skincare ritual

We sat down with Sue, Qi beauty Woman, mum & cooking enthusiast. She is a horse lover & occasionally helps out at sports carnivals when she wants to keep an extra close eye on her sons. Sue shared her experience with Qi;

Qi beauty Facial Treatment

Qi beauty Facial Treatment

In a game of Chinese whispers, women share their secrets. They reveal the most incriminating gossip and if they feel generous, will share their secrets for a flawless complexion, glowing skin and their favourite beauty secrets. Lately, women have been sending the rumour mill reeling with a secret that is changing the face of beauty as we know it. There’s been only one message whispered between friends; That the foundation of beauty, what our mothers taught us, ‘cleanse, tone, moisturize’, is outdated. Could the rumours be true? Has this ritual been replaced by something far more superior, far more economical and that offers women even more control? By the end of game, all women can say is, Qi.

As a child Sue was taught to cleanse, tone, moisturize. These three steps were taught to her by her mum, they were the basis of her mums skin care routine and so it was the basis of hers, until she was introduced to Qi beauty three years ago. As a make-up artist for over 20 years, Julie knows skin. She understands the changeable nature of skin and that what works one day to condition, hydrate and balance, might not work the next. It was the unpredictable nature of skin that led Julie to seek skin balance and sustainable,lasting age-control.

Finding Qi was the answer Sue was looking for. She found a system that not only presented her with a sustainable, long term solution for anti-ageing, she found a system that doesn’t interfere with her busy schedule, that integrates into her existing rituals of serums, cremes and the occasional botox touch up. She loves that she can use it at home, in the comfort of her robe and fluffy slippers while cooking dinner or spending the morning indulging in a magazine and cup of tea, all the while balancing her skin for a clear complexion and glow from within. She found a sustainable age-control system that works for her.

Sue still follows the basic rules her mum taught to her, plus a few from Qi;
Never go to bed wearing make up.
Never use soap on your face.
Always use warm water to cleanse.
Always use a good quality moisturizer.
Cleanse, Magnetise, Moisturize.

Now, Sues skin is in better condition than it was when she was 30. It is hydrated, vibrant and healthy. She has been using the Qi beauty Home Kit for 3 years, comfortably adapting and tweaking her ritual as she needs. Her Qi beauty consultant adapts her unique regiment to suit her skin as it changes, monthly, seasonally, yearly and sporadically. Skin deficiencies; dehydration, fine lines, broken capillaries, loss of tone and elasticity, are not ‘natural and accepted, all part of ageing’ for Sue. she uses her Qi beauty Home Kit every second or third night, sometimes only once a week, increasing use if she has a special event coming up or wants to give her eyes an extra pampering for volume and smooth skin. She no longer accepts sagging, dull or lifeless skin because she knows that her Home Kit and her Qi beauty consultant will take care of her as she ages, for sustainable, natural beauty.

By: Taara Pedersen, editor Qi, product of Qi beauty International © copyright. All rights reserved. Qi beauty International. 63 Warrener Street Nerang, QLD. Australia

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