Start your day with Yoga

Our greatest inspiration comes from Yoga guru Roma Blair. Her passion and commitment to Yoga showed us the benefits, beyond body, of practicing this the art of Yoga for mind, soul and body connection. Romaโ€™s favourite pose is the Cobra, her health has always been a priority for Roma, as she suffered severe illness in her youth she is aware of the importance and blessing of good health. She has also taught us that health, like most things, can be rebuilt. Understanding Roma, her lifestyle and the way she lives you can see she has great respect for herself. Her respect for health, vitality and wellbeing is evident in her rituals; yoga, her love of tea, the number of shoes in her closet (with matching bags of course) her time spent in front of the mirror as she fixes her hair, puts on her bright lipstick every morning and welcomes the day ahead after completing the full 12 step Sun Salutation. Her rituals are things that make her happy, keep her balanced and are performed daily, weekly and monthly as she embraces ageing with health and wellbeing.

Roma Blair practicing yoga for health and wellbeing

Roma Blair practising yoga for health and wellbeing

Yoga & Qi

Start your day with some Qi…

Upon waking – Sun Salutations. Find the invigoration from extending and bending the body in sync with breath to balance body and mind. The breath should inhale as you extend or stretch and exhale as you fold or contract. The complete Sun Salutation consists of two complete sequences; one for the right side of the body, the other for the left. If you feel you donโ€™t have time for yoga that morning, allow yourself a minute for one or two rounds. You will feel the difference.

We have learnt from Roma that the time we allow, give, to ourself is crucial in our relationship with self. Spend time choosing your outfit, applying moisturiser before your make up and wear a shade of lipstick that makes you feel good. Listen to a song or soundtrack that makes you happy, and enjoy some quiet in the morning by yourself, if only for a minute or two.

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