Fresh face, smooth skin and hot hair

Fresh face, smooth skin and hot hair. Here are Qi’s tips for your essential on-the-go summer savers.

Indulge in the long days, warm nights and fresh spring air with Qi beauty’s BODY range. Qi BODY Custard and Qi GOLD body oil are the staples for glowing skin. Containing nutrients to feed and nourish, Qi BODY custard and gold BODY oil do more than make skin luxuriously soft and pampered, Natural and Organic ingredients work together to revitalise skin and rehydrate for post sun care. Qi gold oil can transform skin with a beautiful ready to wear dry oil, with a refreshing fragrance on the beach or in the city.

1.Rehydrate skin and avoid clogged make up with a dash of intense oil under foundation, tints or bronzers.

2.Too much salt water, direct sun and heat can aggravate skin, sooth with rosehip oil, seabuck thorn oil or calendula for daily intense hydration.

3.At night, leave skin bare with a touch of bronzer, mascara and dewey highlight around the eyes.

4.Invest in an ionic hair dryer. Ionic technology leaved the natural moisture in hair while only drying off excess water, hair is silky smooth with a natural shine.

5.Qi GOLD oil is the finishing touch to any outfit. Fast absorbing and leaving skin with a golden glow, it wont come off on your clothes & stays in place all day, complementing any skin tone

6.Carry your Qi beauty Spritz for easing sunburn, easy hydration and a refreshing aroma of natural Australian essences and oils.

7.Exfoliate your arms and legs at the beach with sand, the fine granules leave skin luxuriously soft.

8.Use a face mask once a week followed by a hydrating oil mask or Active serum before bed to assist skin in maintaining a healthy balance throughout the summer.

9.Create lasting lips with a neutral lipliner & apply an SPF + conditioning balm throughout the day, for an extra pout try the Qi Pout Kit, only 30minutes to luscious lips!

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