The Facial Experience

The Qi beauty facial is unlike anything in the beauty world, this is undeniable. Unique in its approach to ageing, and difficult to communicate the experience with mere words, allow me to take you on a journey of Qi. Imagine you are lying draped, surrounded by the organic aromas of patchouli, sea buckthorn, calendula, rosewood, nerolina and a gentle breeze carrying Australian bush flowers across your face in a spritz to prepare you for the experience ahead.

Qi beauty Facial Treatment

Qi beauty Facial Treatment

The first of specifically designed 1000 gold Qi micro-magnets is placed onto the face to stimulate deep meditation, this is where your journey begins. For a moment you feel so far away, yet aware of the gentle rhythm of the Qi matrix, created at the hands of your Qi therapist.  As your mind and body is reconnected with Qi, your skin becomes alert and more receptive as deeper layers are realigned to accept the positive stimulation of the Qi micro-magnets. Qi beauty takes this opportunity to feed skin the nutrients it needs for health, correcting deficiencies caused by daily exposure to free radicals.

The energetic properties and nutrients contained within the natural Australian products applied generously have been hand selected for their calming and soothing properties. A favorite is Qi beauty’s pure Seabuck Thorn Oil. Containing over 190 nutritional compounds, we call it a superfood for skin. The 1000 gold Qi magnets are efficiently threaded along the acupuncture meridians over your face to connect Qi beauty’s essential 12 point matrix and create a network of Qi for energy. Simultaneously your Qi beauty practitioner is applying exquisite blends of nutrient rich food for skin. By now, you are in a deep state of relaxation, and encouraged to maintain this peaceful state throughout your facial treatment.

Whilst you drift between the aromas of Australian botanicals and bush flower essences, your skin is rendered energetic by your personalized Qi beauty micro-magnet matrix, altering the behavior of deeper skin layers to allow biologically occurring compounds to repair skin as they once did. This is the activation process. Awakening your skin and assisting natural repair with Qi activation and nutrient rich formulas. With every facial treatment, your Qi beauty practitioner will adapt your facial treatment matrix to continuously improve skin condition, appearance and work to correct deficiencies caused by free radicals.

The success of Qi beauty’s signature gold facial has let to the creation of the ionic skincare and ActiV88 serum formulas now available around Australia by certified Qi beauty therapists. The Qi beauty facial is available in New Zealand at the Langham Hotel known as the ‘Ming’ facial and Patrice Hardy Acupuncture Clinic. Qi beauty is soon to expand into Canada, where the treatments offered by Qi beauty international have been recognized in the natural health industry for its honest approach to natural age control, providing women a real solution to the affects of ageing caused by Qi deficiency.

Qi beauty distinguishes themselves in the beauty industry through their integration of magnetic energy and minerals in their products. Using clinically tested magnets, at a specific gauss not to alter skin pH, but to encourage balance and stability, Qi beauty has created an age control solution with the support of science, essence of nature and philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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