Q and A with Industry Make-up artist, Julia Mikeska

Julie Mikeska has been working with skin for over 18 years, Industry Make-up artist to movie-stars and modern day Women around Australia, Julie has a lot to say about the health of skin and how it changes the way we look day-to-day.

Q. The most obvious signs of unhealthy skin..

  …Is when there is a lot of texture on the skin, like open pores, scarring from picking, small bumps, just to name a few. Skin should be exfoliated 3 times a week and conditioned with either an Active serum, or oil blend. When skin is smooth it has a more silky looking finish and the make-up will just blend to the skin more easily, giving the flawless airbrushed look. 

Q. The signs of premature ageing women want to cover up…

 …Is sun damage! Which is tricky as the sun damages different areas in different ways.  Dark pigmentation is another, with the right concealer is easily fixed. People ask for wrinkles to be covered, but this is impossible.. Trying to cover lines and wrinkles often creates a deeper, more defined line. Moisturised skin is always the best to work with.

Q. My essential tools…

 …Is a great moisturiser (primer), good brushes and clean ones at that, sponges and quality make-up. Lightweight concealers are important, and they must be the right colour for what they are concealing. 

Q. Having the right colour concealer is important because…

 …The main function of a concealer is to balance impurities in the skin and conceal damage by assisting the complexion of the skin. It’s  difficult to hide damaged skin and sometimes it’s better to blend things in and not to hide them, as hiding them may not work for the naked eye. Before working with skin you need to make sure it’s hydrated, this will make the tone and complexion instantly better.

Q. My no. 1 product recommendation…

.. Is Qi beauty! It restores balance to skin to maintain hydration throughout the day, regardless of the season, making the skin look and feel amazing. 

Q. After my Qi beauty Facial…

 …I notice that my skin looks fresher and smoother, it also makes me feel better from the inside knowing that the better condition my skin is in, the less I need to wear make-up for everyday tasks… Plus I get a lot of comments about how I am looking, just in general.

Q. To emphasize features and draw attention away from compromised skin…

 … Draw attention away from the areas you’re trying to hide, such as if there is compromised skin around the mouth then draw attention to the eyes and not the lips, also vise versa. For problems around the eyes, use a brighter lipstick to draw attention to the mouth. Bronzers , gloss & metallics will draw attention to the area they are placed on. 

Q. Mature skin requires more…

Hydration & Volume! My clients that regularly use Qi beauty have amazing skin. They have a clear complexion and less fine lines and wrinkles than other women of their age. I think this is because of the hydration and volume Qi beauty Home Kit stimulates from skin. If skin has loss of volume it’s harder to disguise the lines that this creates. 

Q. Hydration is important because…

 …Hydration is a sign of healthy skin, this is why concealers, foundations, powders etc can look good but don’t correct imbalances. Hydration stems from a good skin care ritual. Skin needs hydration from the inside, this is why I recommend Qi beauty to my clients. Make-up will only hide things, not fix them.

Julie Mikeska, Allure Hair & Make-up. Gold Coast, Australia


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