Road Testing Microdermabrasion

We’ve road tested a few of your favourite treatments to measure the effect, recovery time and outcome…

Treatment: microdermabrasion on the arms and décolletage.

How our Qi beauty Woman felt about this: The decision to undergo microdermabrasion was after 15 years of covering up to hide the sun damage on her décolletage and arms. Resistant to the idea, she was most concerned about the healing time of the skin, how it would look, feel to touch and if there would be scarring. Her decision was made, she would undergo the treatment and use her Qi beauty products to repair her skin.

Recovery time: One Month until all pigmentation had been exfoliated completely, following the prescribed aftercare protocol.

Recovery protocol: From her skin clinic where she received the treatment, she was to return for a complementary exfoliation where they would assess if the skin would benefit from another treatment.

After one month she noticed her arms looked 15 years younger but the skin extremely dry. She found that the moisturiser provided by the skin clinic lasted for about an hour after application and that her skin never really felt or looked healthy. It looked very clear but dry, sometimes flakey.

Qi beauty repair prescription:

  • Qi beauty intense oil: Containing pure Seabuck Thorn Oil and Jojoba oil intense oil nourishes the skin with over 190 nutritional compounds.
  • Nourish moistuiser: A Natural and Organic formula, Nourish was used to focus on hydration and protection. The skin was severely dehydrated, red and flakey. Nourish was applied daily and worn at night to for ongoing hydration
  • ActiV88 beauty serum:  Sodium Hyaluronate, Siberian Ginseng,  Acetyl Glytamyl Heptapeptide and Sodium Alginate… Need we say more? ActiV88 Beauty serum was used to energise skin from the inside. Containing Active ingredients that work on skin for up to 6 hours after application, our Qi beauty woman could feel confident she was taking care of her skin, even when she wasn’t. 
  • Elle McPherson Invisible zinc tinted moisturiser SPF 30 throughout the day – every day.

After 3 months: Results continued to improve. At 3 months, her arms were completely healed, smooth and looked at least 15 years younger. There were, minimal signs of sunspots and damage, skin had an over all airbrushed appearance.

Satisfaction: Ecstatic! Our Qi beauty woman couldn’t be happier with the condition of her arms. She wears singlets and bares them whenever the weather permits. Carrying a light jacket in her bag for days when she may be outdoors and always wearing a high SPA sunscreen is now a must-do.


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