Has your skin been in hibernation?

    1. Moisturize daily. Apply moisturizer directly to damp skin, this will ensure moisture is trapped where itโ€™s needed.
    2. Use a hydrating Spritz throughout the day, especially after exposure to air-conditioning, sunshine and exercise to restore the epidermal moisture.
    3. Gently cleanse your skin with natural formulas free of sulphates, parabens, glycolic acid or other dehydrating elements. Too much cleansing can remove natural oils so limit to once a day.
    4. Limit the use of hot water. Use warm water on skin to reduce irritation, for a deep cleanse try using steam. This will soften the skin, open pores and allow impurities to be easily removed. Immediately rehydrate skin with a serum, spritz or moisturiser.
    5. Room humidifiers can be very beneficial if there is heating or air conditioning in your workplace or home. Dry air pulls the moisture from the skin and adds to dehydration.
    6. Protect yourself from the wind, sun and cold air.
    7. Take vitamin D supplements. During the summer months your natural vitamin D production increases due to daily sun exposure, but in the cooler months the exposure decreases. Taking vitamin supplements can ensure that you are getting the recommended amounts of vitamin D all year.
    8. Give your skin a conditioning treatment once a week. After cleansing and a gentle exfoliation, use a hydrating mask to assist with detoxification. Conditioning treatments such as thick masks or oils are essential for nutritional support. Oils containing avocado, Seabuck Thorn or Jojoba will feed skin the nutrients it needs to repair.
    9. Go natural. Leave skin bare (without makeup) for at least one day a week. In this time, coat it in serums, moisturizers or oils to protect and hydrate.
    10. Invest in a hydrating serum. Serums will penetrate the skin barrier more effectively than a moisturiser and nutrients will travel further into the skin to offer greater benefit.We would love to hear your winter skin secrets, let us know your favourite remedy for fresh, beautiful skin!

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