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Glycerinl is a component of glycerin soap. Glycerine is ideal for sensitive, easily-irritated skin because it prevents skin dryness with its moisturizing properties. It draws moisture up through skin layers and slows or prevents excessive drying and evaporation.
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Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium Hyaluronate is used to protect the skin. It works by forming a protective layer over skin to allow skin time to heal and repair. This is essential in anti-ageing. Hyaluronate is a natural compound found in the body.
Marine Collagen
Collagen takes up different forms: Type I and III are found in our skin while Type VIII is found in the linings of our blood vessels.  Type III collagen is present in young bodies and is the reason behind the youthful appearance of our skin. However, as we age, this collagen degrades and turns into the much harsher Type I collagen. Marine collagen protein is abundant in Type III collagen.

Beta Glucan
Beta glucan can help to moisturize the skin as well as heal minor burns and wounds. More recently it has also been established that beta glucan can also reduce wrinkles and promote anti-aging.

Iris Florentine Root Extract
Florentine Root Extract has an abundance of uses for both its medicinal properties and fragrance. The extract is used in skincare to reduce wrinkles, improve hydration and elasticity, it can also assist in calming skin and skin healing and regeneration.

Dimethylaminoethanol  – Active ingredient feature. DMAE/DMEA

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) is a naturally-occurring, mild cerebral stimulant nutrient found in ‘brain foods’  such as anchovies and sardines. It contains two main active ingredients, 2- dimethylaminoethanol and dimethylethanolamine. DMAE is an analog of the B Vitamin Choline and precursor of acetylcholine, an important component of neurotransmitters and is vital for the normal function of nerves in the brain and throughout the body. Moreover DMAE reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves sagging skin tone and elasticity, reducing lines, age spots, and other signs of ageing and premature ageing.

FYI: In a randomized clinical study, 3% DMAE facial gel applied daily for 16 weeks has been shown to be safe and efficacious (p < 0.05) in the mitigation of forehead lines and periorbital fine wrinkles, and in improving lip shape and fullness and the overall appearance of aging skin. These effects did not regress during a 2-week cessation of application. Beneficial trends were noted in the appearance of coarse wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, nasolabial folds, sagging neck skin, and neck firmness. The acute skin-firming effects of DMAE have been confirmed by quantitative measures of cutaneous tensile strength. The benefits of DMAE in dermatology include a potential anti-inflammatory effect and a documented increase in skin firmness with possible improvement in underlying facial muscle tone.


Palmitoyl Oligopeptide  – Featured Active Ingredient

The main function of palmitoyl oligopeptide is the restructuring of cutaneous, or skin, tissues. Research has shown that palmitoyl oligopeptide can increase collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and glucosaminoglycan production. When the synthesis of these proteins is stimulated, the appearance of wrinkles is decreased, skin appears rejuvenated and smooth.

Tetrapeptide-7 Featured Active Ingredient – Featured Active Ingredient

 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 is a synthetic peptide comprised of four amino acids that is used to suppress the production of excess interleukins, the chemical messengers which trigger the body’s acute inflammatory response. Excess interleukins can lead to glycation damage, or the process by which glucose links with proteins and causes them to bind together, stiffening tissues having a negative effect on the skin’s support system. The support system, comprised of collagen, elastin and other proteins, are vital in the restoration of skin and avoiding wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone.

Camellia Sensis (White Tea) Extract  – Natural Sun Protection Elements* –  Featured Active Ingredient

Proven effective in boosting the immune function of skin cells and protecting them against the damaging effects of the sun. White tea extract is prepared from the unopened buds of the camellia sinensis (green tea) plant and is also a powerful antioxidant.

Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract
Possesses  hydrating and anti-oxidant properties.

Salicylic Acid
Salicylic Acid is used to soften and loosen dry, scaly, or thickened skin to encourage the skin desquamation process, encouraging new cell growth and rejuvenation

Benzyl Alcohol
Benzyl Alcohol has been used in Qi beauty POUT for its natural preservative qualities. It is an organic compound that can be classed as both natural or synthetic, as it is manufactured. Exposure to Benzyl in fruits and vegetables has has allowed the body to evolve enzymes ready to deal with the compounds. The percentage content is less than <.1% in Qi beauty Pout Serum.

Sorbic Acid
Sorbic acid, or 2,4-hexadienoic acid, is a natural organic compound used as a preservative in foods and cosmetics

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