Annabelle-Clare in NY

A skin care ritual needs to see you through a lot. Seasonal changes, hormonal days, post-cholcolate days, good days and bad days. A good skin care ritual will a change with you, but always work on skin to restore balance, a clear and even complexion and give skin the energy, vitality and beautiful glow you want daily – regardless of the day’s status.

Qi beauty Ambassador Annabelle-Clare doesn’t need much help (any help) in the beauty department. Her bright eyes, perfect full pout and strong defined features have landed her roles in Australian television series like Rescue Special Ops and most recently, a feature ย in US hit series Revenge. With her frequent flyer status from Australia to her second home in Hollywood, and theย occasional New York weekend with best friend and Australian Photographer Johnny Diaz Nicolaides, Annabelle-Clare needs a strong ritual to maintain the health of her skin.

When visiting Australia, Annabelle-Clare receives her Qi beauty Facial Treatment from Kathy Pedersen to re-energize skin, activate energy and vitality and invigorate with natural and biological compounds. Her signature treatment, to sculpt and define her features, brightens her skin with a natural glow from within.

When she is alway, Annabelle relies on her natural and organic formulations. Her favourites, like the ActiV88 Fade , Qi beauty Spritz and Intense oil, she shares her love of these with Australian Actress Margot Robbie.

Her other essentials include:
Organic Qi clarity cleanser
The new Qi beauty summer gold body oil
The softening and hydrating Qi beauty Eye Gel
A light formulation Qi day creme for moisture
The green clay formulation for deep detoxification and cleansing with Qi detox.

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