Free Spirit: Stephanie Nicolaci

Stephanie Nicolaci

“A Free Spirit”

Star sign: Taurus

Birth stone: Emerald

A long story short:

A Melbourne girl who followed her heart to live on the tropical coastal line of Queensland. Italian heritage. Works and plays in the fashion industry. Aspiring fashion designer. 

One word I connect with most:


I am constantly being inspired by individuals and my surroundings. I have been lucky enough to travel over many seas, walk on many grounds, experience different cultures and meet some amazing people that will always hold a special place in my heart. I am always aware to experience new places. It is through my daily inspiration that I learn more about myself and continue my constant becoming. 

I believe in:


“Mind over matter” is most truest with me. When I believe, I become. Having the strength to believe is sometimes hard, but opening your mind to the possibility that something is possible, can make you achieve some amazing things in this world. Having worked for a designer label and a retailer, I believe natural progression will evolve a collection of my own.

My passion is:

The art of style.

Expression of one’s self through the art of style, is a beautiful thing. I am constantly being fascinated by how different and individual we all are. I have been told that I am quite diverse with my style. Always surprising people with the style of outfit I wear each day. However, I would consider my natural style to be feminine and bohemian. I love the industry of fashion. Since I was a little girl, I have sketched women wearing free flowing kimonos and dresses with palm trees beside them. The sketches have always had the finest detail. Now I am on a journey learning to sew and bring some of these designs to life. 

I have most respect for:

People who work hard for their success.

What I love most about myself, is my:


To be a friend of mine, you will have a loyal friend in return. Loyalty is a quality that I have been blessed with and I consider it to be my most valued quality. Someone who is loyal is someone who respects and appreciates the people in their life, just as it should be. It is a self-less act. When I consider the people in my life that I cherish and connect with the most, it is those who also hold this rare quality. Loyalty is an underestimated trait that is at the core of our every day lives.

The greatest influence in my life so far has been:

My family.

A handful of really, really special down to earth people. They are made of love, hard work, generosity, kindness, respect, loyalty and fun. They put into perspective the important things in life and inspire me to be my best every single day.

I can never imagine  myself:
Giving up on my dreams. Dreams change and evolve, but I can always see myself working hard to achieve them. 

One rule I live by:

Do your best. Be your best.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
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