Feng Shui: Bagua

Understand the relationship between life and home with the 9 square Bagua grid.

The western model of Bagua begins at the front door of your home or office. To begin, use a map or floor plan of the area and align the lower part of the lower grid of the Bagua with the wall of your main door (front door or front of house). 

There are 9 areas of life represented on the Bagua grid, assign each of the 9 squares (or rectangles) to the following feng shui areas:

Feng Shui Bagua

  • First Row, the lower part of the grid (Left to Right)As the lower part of the BTB bagua grid is always aligned with the wall of the front door, the front door will be in either one of these three areas:

    * Personal Growth and Cultivation

    * Career / Path in Life

    * Helpful People / Blessings

  • Second, or Middle Row (Left to Right)* Health / Family

    * Center / Heart / Yin Yang

    * Children / Creativity

  • Third, or Upper Row (Left to Right)* Prosperity/ Abundance

    * Fame / Reputation

    * Love / Marriage

After understanding the relationship between your home or office to specific areas of life, you can begin to apply the principles of feng shui in reflection of your home/life balance and improve the energy or Qi in life areas for balance and prosperity.  

Now you are ready to Feng Shui your home

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