Feng Shui: Colours of feng shui

In Feng Shui, colour is one of the easiest tools used to create good feng shui and shift energy within the home or office. Colour is an expression of the 5 elements of Feng Shui: Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood and Water. Each element is used in specific areas of your home according the Bagua. The colours in these areas will strengthen the feng shui and energy you are bringing to the area of your home and life.

Elements and their Colours. Use the Bagua to understand which element dominates the area of your home.

Earth element: Stability, nourishment, relationships, protection, health and inner balance
Direction dominance: Northeast and southwest bagua areas of your home. The centre of the home is governed by the earth element


  • Light yellow
  • Beige/skin tone
  • Earthy/ sandy tones

Fire element. Passion, energy, recognition, career growth.
Dominant: South bagua area of home of office. Northeast & Southwest are also good places for fire element.


  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Strong yellow

Water element: water element is the ancient symbol of abundance. It delivers ease, purity and freshness.ย Directional dominance: North, East and Southeast benefit from strong water element


  • Blue
  • Black

Metal element: Precision, clarity, lightness, efficiency, quality of sharpness and efficiency.
Metal element is important to sustain a calm energy and eliminate distractions.
Directional dominance: West, North and Northwest Bagua areas


  • Gray
  • White

Wood element: Vitality, growth, abundance, health.
Directional dominance: East, Southeast, South


  • Brown
  • Green

Elements to include in your home to create good Feng Shui:

  • Water: Fish bowl, aquarium, fountain
  • Mirrors
  • Music
  • Living leafy plants (Bonsais offer good feng shui)
  • Bright, vibrant colours

After you have created good Feng Shui in your home, keep in mind the energy in your home and life, if you feel the need of change, energising or Qi in particular areas of your life, begin in your home and Qi will follow.

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