14 ideas to kick start your year

  1. Reset your health. Understand how your body is really working with a simple VLA or Bioscan, it will measure your muscle mass, fluid and body fat in relation to height and bone structure. Knowing how your body is functioning will make maintaining a healthy lifestyle easier than ever.
  2. Rediscover: Epsom salts. Containing magnesium sulphate, a magnesium bath is quick detoxification assisting with fluid retention and muscle spasms.
  3. Escape to the mountains. Get grounded in theย  crisp fresh air, bushwalking or rainforest tracks, quirky boutiques & fine foods
  4. Boost your social calendar: alternate home-spa or movie nights with friends, or join a cooking class & become a culinary whizz.
  5. Pick up a restful hobby – drawing, quilting, scrapbooking (yes, pinterest counts ) collect photos, recipes, or articles that interest and inspire you
  6. Organize your handbag. It will save you time when searching for keys, lipstick, pens, tissues and $2 coins. Clear gladbags makes compartmentalizing your handbag easy!
  7. Get natural. Toss out the chemicals and revamp your home with eco friendly and pesticide free cleaning and personal products.
  8. Go for a long drive and listen to your favourite album
  9. Take more photos. Get them printed & put them in a basket in your living room, your guests will enjoy looking through your snapshots and they make great conversation points at dinner parties
  10. Try something new. If youโ€™re a sport fanatic and youโ€™ve tried all the latest sport trends, try something quiet; go for a swim and watch the sunrise at least once a week, perfect the art of scone making alternatively put yourself out of your comfort zone and have a go at paddle boarding, hot yoga, rock climbing or wakeboarding.
  11. Swap a night out for a morning walk and brunch with girlfriends
  12. Forget the supermarkets. Make a day of farmers markets and enjoy fresh produce, full flavors, specialty cheeses, jams and breads.
  13. Spend quality time with family. Share a meal, play a board game, switch off your phones and talk
  14. Have fun.

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