Darren Spowart


Darren-SpowartI came to appreciate the true meaning of health as a professional dancer. The attention at every moment to food and drink intake – the importance of quality sleep – a healthy state of mind and body image, all are essential to a performing artist and indeed everyone. I say at every moment because we are sensitive to all of the elements in our daily lives and all have consequences.

I studied Chinese medicine and Pilates when I retired as a dancer with the intention to return to the world of dance as a practitioner, putting my new skills with my old to continue working with my colleagues and I still do to this day.

Then the cosmetic rejuvenation revolution began. When I found that there are treatments in my field of work, I turned my attention to beauty care and immediately commenced my training. I was so excited to be part of the growing industry of face rejuvenation, with my focus being on total health.

One can only achieve a healthy glow by real health.

I found face rejuvenation acupuncture and Qi beauty facials.

What I love about face rejuvenation cosmetic acupuncture and Qi beauty facials is that there is a constant renewal with no end to the results. Each treatment builds on the previous one. The regularity of the treatments also helps to keep attention on daily health. Consistency is the key to success. The same as exercise, the results will differ if you train 3 times a week or 3 times a year.

To complete the picture of health, I am developing a growing range of teas, which follow the principals of traditional Chinese medicinal formulae with the focus on skin treatments.

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