10 Model Tricks

There are some basic rules to follow when we want to maintain a clear complexion, we talk with models and make up artists about their best beauty secrets for flawless skin on and off the runway.

1. Never sleep with makeup on – any makeup artist will tell you this is the golden rule. The skin needs time to breathe, and it’s natural recovery time is between the hours of 10pm-2am.

2. Water – at least 1.5L a day. At least. Ps. tea, coffee, juice, soft-drink and alcohol don’t count as water.

3. Exfoliate skin no more than once-twice a week, too much exfoliation will disrupt the natural balance of skin and cause damage to the pores.

4. Stay away from Acids, if you have acne prone skin, treat it with hydration and oil. Some breakouts are caused by a deficiency of natural oils on the surface of the skin. The natural response is for the skin to send oils upwards to hydrate and protect itself – hence the eruption. Β If we nourish skin with hydrating moisturisers, serums or oils, this will minimise the breakouts.

5. Don’t get sunburnt. Sun damage occurs at a cellular level – although the damage might not be apparent at first your skin will be suffering dehydration and you will soon notice the gradual inability to repair. (Hello fine lines, pigmentation and a dull complexion).

6. Have plenty of oils; avocado, macadamias, almonds and fish. Add olives to your daily diet and give your skin an anti-ageing boost.

7. Invest in a quality moisturiser or serum to protect your skin throughout the day (from make up and free radicals) this can be worn under makeup or sunblock and works as a primer too.

8. Always wear an SPF.

9. If you have clogged pores or ‘bumpy’ patches, use steam to cleanse the skin. 10 minutes over a steamer (boiling pot of water over the stove) followed by a very gentle exfoliation treatment (volcanic pumice stone is soft on skin) Β and finished with a serum or moisturiser to protect and nourish.

10. Face masks are a beauty essential. A detoxifying face mask will help draw out impurities and leave skin feeling fresh and clear (important not to over-use) Always, follow a face mask with a serum, moisturiser or oil to nourish and protect.

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