Power Women

The evolving workplace is giving women a grounding built on a foundation of love and nurture

The New Porter Magazine has a lot to offer; and not just in terms of fashion and beauty. Porter speaks to the hearts of Women with an emphasis on strength, empowerment, and raising self-awareness. “The new power sisterhoods” (pg. 200) begins with drawing attention to the changing role of women in the workplace. Where bonding over family, children and social woes was once reserved for mothers groups, coffee catch-up’s, family BBQ’s or weekend high-tea, conversations about family, personal and business growth are just as important within the workplace.

When the role of women was changing from the traditional home maker to primary breadwinner, there was a shift in the perceived acceptable conversation in the workplace – Children, ‘women’s issues’ or emotional matters were brushed under the doormat while more ‘male’ friendly topics were at the heart of discussion. These were Women acting like men- see power suits. Now, as women are in more powerful positions, and removing the unnecessary apologetic masks, the tone of conversation has shifted. Women are becoming strong support systems for other women in the workplace; ” Carefully phrased compliments on a great outfit, handwritten notes and the remembered birthday of a child are soft skills that come naturally to those forming the new power sisterhoods.” Says psychologist Susie Orbach.

Tina Brown, founder of nonprofit organisation Women in the World, aims to connect women around the globe with those in positions of influence in the US. Brow’s strong position on equality connects with that of Hillary Clinton’s who has said, “I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.” Brown echoes Clinton’s beliefs, adding, ” You will see a big wave of interest in this movement. She’s made it her life’s work to try to make people understand that ignoring half the human race is bad economics.” (About Clinton running for office)


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