Tea: Organic, Fair trade, sustainable

If you’re a tea lover, like me, you will know that the collection of tea leaves and production of products can have a negative impact on people and communities, by violating human rights. Fair Trade farmer groups receive a minimum price covering the cost of sustainable production and a premium to invest in social and economic development projects. The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees crucial elements to encourage and pomote growth of agricultural products. If you see The Fair Trade Label you will know a few things about the product you’re about to enjoy, including:

  • Prohibiting agrochemicals and GMO’s
  • Fair trade farmers decide democratically how to reinvest revenue – this contributes the the growth of developing communities and sustainability of business.
  • Workers on Fair Trade farms enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and living wages.
  • Forced child labor is strictly prohibited.

Organic tea is not treated with a broad range of agricultural chemicals that are potentially harmful to farmers, farm workers and the environment. Choosing organic not only preserves the earth’s resources and protects the health of the farmers, but ensures that what is going into our bodies is 100% natural. Tea leaves are not washed before we consume them, commercial tea (not organic) is treated with chemicals which are then released when water hit’s the leaves.. Choose Organic.

Our Choice:

Zhena’s Tea’s promise Organic, Fair Trade and sustainable tea’s

Tielka’s Teas are Organic and Fair Trade

QiTea has the Fair Trade Certificate and is Organic

Hampstead Tea is Biodynamic, Organic and Fair Trade certified

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