Blog To Follow: Captain and The Gypsy Kid

Captain And The Gypsy Kid is a bohemian lifestyle blog here on the shores of sydney Australia, inspired by nature and ‘Small folk’ as creator Sheree says.  In her words…

“Fast track a crazy ride of awesome adventures and here I am. A world away from the jet setting stylist and fashion designer I once was to being Sugar and Captain’s mum living a laid back life with Sam(hippy daddy) by the beach in Sydney, Australia. Along the way my love for fashion had found an unexpected muse, my family. Introducing Captainandthegypsykid, Style inspired by small folk.”

I’m hooked on the Instagram account- it has everything you could possibly want for fashion, lifestyle and aesthetic inspiration, and true to her word, CATGK is truly inspired by family, nature, and the small folks of the world – Children are a major focus of this lifestyle blog, the joys of childhood, unconditional love and playtime.

Follow for a week and watch as your eye is caught by the natural beauty in the snapshots, keep an eye out for the name of the week. #storm #sea #lottie




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