Annabelle Stephenson GQ Girl of the Week

Flicking through the pages of luxury Mens magazine GQ you’re likely to find sophisticated sports talk, the latest it watch, a how to for beard and hair care, and women you simply must know, and right now no one is hotter than Aussie Actress and Model Annabelle Stephenson. GQ sat down with Annabelle for a quick chat and describe her as smart, funny and sexy.. What did she have to say about her appearance on US Hit Revenge?

Via GQ

GQ: Revenge has such an avid audience. What’s it like to work on such a hit show? 

AS: I had a little taste of it back when I was 16. I worked with Phoebe Tonkin onH20: Just Add Water. That was very big in Eastern Europe. Very interesting. But I was introduced to that crazy world back then. But Revenge is on another level. It’s such a fun, intense show and it’s rather elaborate. But people get so into these things – it’s wonderful to see that people invest so much into a show and follow these characters so closely. But it’s definitely sobering when you are playing the said home wrecker and how intensely the fans react to this…

Read more of the interview 


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