What men want

In a fragrance, that is. We’ve spoken to men and asked the tough questions, here we have a hit list of the fragrances men love on their wives, girlfriends, and the girl next door.

“84% of men said the smell of a perfume can turn them on or off”

Some of the favourites included Vanilla and anything that reminded men of food, almond tones, cinnamon and even basil. Men find sultry, sexy and deep aromas sensual – a small percentage liked fruity and even less went for floral perfumes, saying it reminded them of their grandmas!

  • Essential oil: Rose, vanilla, lavender, peppermint

The top Fragrances

  • Clean tones: j’adore, Pure White Linen
  • Spicy: Si Lolita, Daisy, ChloΓ©
  • Vanilla: Clean Skin, Angel
  • Florals and Wood: Secret Obsession, Black Orchid
  • Citrus: Poppy

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