The Heart of the Matter

Top designers connect with artisians in Africa to redefine what it means to offer ‘responsible’ fashion.

Simone Cipriani has been working with WHO, UN and now helms the International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative to connect African micro-producers with global fashion houses and brand distributors.  Cipriani has been committed to this cause since 2008 and is responsible for turning the ideas of ethical fashion and sustainability into a realistic and beneficial industry. Not only does this create job opportunities, women in particular and impoverished communities.

His main goal is to drop the ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ tag before fashion.

“Cipriani remains positive that ethical fashion will eventually go mainstream. “The fashion industry and consumers are becoming more and more alert, aware and conscious on the social and environmental impact of the supply chain of fashion. I like to think that soon we can talk about responsible fashion as just ‘fashion’, without the words ‘ethical’ or ‘responsible’ before it.”…

Read more in the Australian Magaizne 

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Via Okayafrica

See New Zealand designer Karen Waker and her collection Okayafrica,  ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative — an organization that aims to promote fair and sustainable business between fashion brands and artisans in Africa and Haiti — to deliver a unique eyewear collection and lookbook. EFI partnered Walker with Kenyan artisans who crafted beautiful screen-printed pouches to accompany the Karen Walker Visible collection, “machinists, cutters, tailors, production managers and metal workers who have acquired or refined craft and management skills through the Ethical Fashion Initiative”


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