Apps to Aid your diet

Like a personal trainer, motivational gym buddy or health-plan pal, when we’re trying to change our diet, lifestyle, physique or all of the above, help is something that makes the journey easier. Help, or a support system, provides motivation by turning your commitment to your goals into something you will be held accountable for. Being spurred on at 6am with a “You can do it!” or “My grandmother could do better than that!” (Whatever gets you going) will burn more calories than the voice in your head making excuses (it’s also louder).

To keep you on track throughout the day, lifestyle, health and fitness apps have been developed to become your best friend and motivation. From body type diet plans, to run track and meditation, there is an app for everyone, and they’re earning some pretty impressive street cred as Dr Shigaki discusses;

“When people use information technology to support their weight-loss efforts, they tend to access features that streamline the tracking of daily health behaviors, such as caloric intake and exercise, or that provide visual feedback on their overall progress, like graphs showing weight lost over time,” Shigaki said. “Self-monitoring is key to successful weight loss, and information technology can make these tasks more convenient. We also found that people really liked getting feedback on their progress, which motivated them and helped them better evaluate their health behaviors and plan for future success.”

Shigaki’s study, “Successful weight loss: how information technology is used to lose,” was recently published in the Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health.

14 of the Best picks for diet and lifestyle apps:

1. Low fat recipes – Free

2. Run keeper Pro – 12.95

3. Superfoods – Free

4. Nutrino –  Free

5. ifitness – $2.49

6. My Diet Coach – Free

7. Weightbot – 1.99(US)

8. MyFitnessPal – Free

9. Weightwatchers App – Free

10. Water your body – 1.19

11. 101  Yoga Poses – Free or $1.19 version

12. Build Muscle – $2.49

13. Body Type Diet (based on blood type) – $3.99

14. Simply Being: Guided Meditation – $.99

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