Blog to follow: Love Warriors

It’s no secret that the trend setters in Australia are heavily influenced by the artistic and cultural stylings hailing from Norway, Denmark and unquestionably, Sweden (IKEA). It’s bohemian, it’s minimalistic, it’s fundamental, it’s raw, it’s classic. It’s WHITE.

The lines between interior and fashion have become so blurred, our homes are our wardrobe. The cosy bundle of sheep wool on that chair may be a mat or a coat- it’s placement however is by no means unintentional.

Swedish interior/fashion/style blog Love Warriors is on the hit list in Qi Social HQ. You’ll soon understand why.


“We are treasure-hunters traveling the world to find unique items and hidden gems
in corners of the world forgotten by others.
We create our own design, born to life where recycled materials from demolitions,
flooring, boats, doors, glass and oil drums meet
fresh linen, supple leather, natural materials like shells & sandstone,
and refined & hand-crafted ceramics.

The Love Warrior products can be found in our web shop, the environments we build,
or they are specifically requested, ~ & purchased only for you or your store.”

View the LOVE WARRIORS Blog 

If you have fallen in love with the photography like I have,
view the works of Hannah Lomholt here and her blog Honey Pie Living is filled with
primal imagery, raw artefacts and scandinavian style. She asks;

all photography and
all kind of pictures
and little wordplays
in this blog are my own,
when not stated otherwise.
some is sold work.
don’t steal.
it makes me sad
and you look bad.
just ask,
~ i’m kinda kind.

Photo 18-05-2014 5 23 04 pm Love-Warriors

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