Organic Cotton Bed Linen

Environmental sustainability should be on our conscience when we’re selecting goods or services, from tea to skincare,  and thanks to Blessed Earth,  even bedlinen.

“All Blessed Earth sheets, covers and protectors are fully certified either by Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) or Demeter. This is your guarantee of purity.

Blessed Earth offers what is generally acknowledged to be the finest variety of certified organic cotton bed-linen in the world – all of it at wholesale direct to you prices.

Our cotton is grown in a sustainable community, cleaned, spun, woven into fabric, the made into beautifully styled bed-linen all within a tight radius in central India.

Sustainability. The cotton they are made from is grown in a sustainable community of 300 families in Central India. The buffalo are raised for dairy products and their manure is used to generate bio-gas for cooking and lighting before going into the compost which uses Bio-Dynamic preparations. The community relies on Monsoonal rains and utilizes the ancient practice of Agni-Hotra to further energise the growing area. Every part of the cotton crop is important. The twigs of the bush are used for lighting fires, the leaves go into the compost. The cotton bolls are handpicked at their maturity up to 5 times a season. This is in stark contrast to the western practice of machine harvesting once a year. Mechanical traps are set for the insects that predate on the crop.”

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