I believe in the mid year crisis. For me it’s propelled by the changing seasons, we’re forced to give up long summer days for early winter nights, our skin becomes a shade or 6 lighter, our hair dry, nails darker, and for some, our legs won’t see sunshine for another 3 months as they are sheathed in stockings, tights, jeans, chinos or pleated ankle grazing skirts. Lately, I’ve been feeling a crisis far too often, mid month.. mid week.. midday. You get the picture. It launched me into a soul-cleanse. What stays, and what goes. What stayed was my best friend who helped me cull my wardrobe of all unnecessary clutter, she threatened that tears wouldn’t work on her. and they didn’t. Thanks to her, I now have 26 hangers, 2 draws and half a shelf to fill with new season thrills. Continuing the self-cleanse, I began a list of what’s IN and what’s OUT, maybe it will work for you too..
  • IN whole food diets
  • IN Friends: live music, good food, great company. Get out and mingle
  • OUT: Processed and refined foods
  • IN Cooking: Work on your culinary skills and feed your friends. Spend winter nights at home mastering the dahl, roast lamb, chicken curry or petite sliders with a side of sweet potato chips.
  • IN DIY: Hair treatments, home mani/pedi, girls only rom-com movie nights complete with home made salted caramel popcorn
  • OUT: Underdressing for a night out on the town
  • IN: Date night
  • IN Relaxation: Meditation, yoga, massage, aromatherapy body oil
  • IN Nature: Get out and enjoy what’s around you, enjoy watching the sunrise without waking up at an ungodly hour
  • IN sight seeing: Get out of routine and see something different, whether it be the hinterland, rock pools, city, beach or parks
  • IN cleaning: Don’t save the big stuff for the spring clean, do it monthly. Re-fold your dishevelled wardrobe, bleach the bathtub, pair up the odd socks, stocktake your pantry and clean up the front yard.
  • IN revamping your living space: Rearrange, redecorate, introduce a new colour or remove outdated themes. Bring in fresh flowers to add new life without spending a fortune.
  • IN photography: Winter is possibly the most beautiful time of the year for Australian landscapes. The ocean takes on an iridescent blue, the mountains are crisp shadows, there’s early morning fog and cosy winter knits that make every moment picture perfect.
  • IN Gardening: It’s the perfect time of year to develop your green thumb, you can spend hours in the garden without getting burnt and the seedlings (or developed plants from buntings) won’t wilt in the midday sun. Come spring you will have a budding blossom patch or herb garden to admire.
  • IN Trying something new: Get crazy or play it safe, trying something new can add some excitement and buzz to your week

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