Blog to follow: The Coveteure

Theres not much I love more than a sunday morning spent untangling and rehanging the contents of a much loved wardrobe, the joy that comes with rediscovering much loved and under-worn pieces, the memories wrapped up with chiffon and glomesh, the mid-year steals, momentary thrills and keep forever vintage loves. There is something however, that can rival the joy that comes from rediscovering ones own wardrobe, that would be discovering someone else’s wardrobe.

The Coveteure is dedicated to women of the fashion world – the editors, publicists, make up artists, stylists and interior designers, that live and breathe fashion. Their wardrobes are the substance that holds fairytales together. If you are looking for wardrobe inspiration, style and organisation, look no further. Spend your sunday moseying through the pages of New Yorks finest fashionable women and take pointers from their efficient and aesthetically appealing homes.

Elanora Carisi: Blogger, JouJouVilleroy

Sophia Amoruso: Foudner & CEO Nastygal. Los Angeles 

Mandy Shadforth: Digital publisher of Oracle Fox

Nicole Richie: Creative Director, House of Harlow

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