Dating: The sensory experience

There are a few aesthetics and sensory tricks that can help make a night memorable, if you’re wondering where to go for a first date, third date or date to spice it up, think about the finer details to help set the scene for a relaxing and enjoyable evening. It may be as simple as choosing a cosy quiet corner, a room that isn’t too hot – or too cold, or wearing the right shade of lipstick but not too much gloss.

The setting: Choose a location that ignites the senses with soft romantic hues; deep reds, purples, or black are sensual and sexy. Contemporary trendy restaurants can be scarce of tone, colour and furniture, go somewhere with natural and comfortable decor like wooden tables, comfortable couches, soft lighting and cosy corners to enhance the experience.

The clothes: Dress appropriately for both your age and venue. Revealing a bare shoulder out of a shawl is more alluring than revealing all yours and victoria’s secrets.

The perfume: We all have our signature scents, but if you want to add something extra to the sensory experience, notes of vanilla, cinnamon, orange or mint have aphrodisiac qualities.

The food: Instead of separate meals confined to your side of the table, choosing a restaurant that offers tapas has a few benefits. Taking you from after work drinks to a casual dinner and offering an experience that you will share – perfect for a new romance.

The conversation: Avoid getting tongue tied by having some conversation staples – but don’t fall back on asking a million questions. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, share funny stories and have a laugh.

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