The Qi Principles of food

Theres something about the phrase ‘raw food’ that stimulates a collective shudder in Qi beauty HQ, particularly in winter. Qi beauty Social is based on the philosophies of Eastern medicine, ‘Qi’ being the life energy in every living thing, maintaining balance in all aspects of life is the foundation of why Qi beauty Social exists. From career and lifestyle to beauty and fashion, we’re seeking balance.

Eastern philosophy has traditions that have stood the test of time, regardless of changing trends. One of them is the relationship to food. For us at Qi beauty Social, food is a form of nourishment – not entertainment. So to nourish your body, we have shared our principles for food;

  1. Minimise raw food; eat food at room temperature or warm, but always cooked or lightly steamed. This is one of the main principles of TCM medicine, raw food is consumed in small quantities only in the cooler months
  2. Eat seasonally, vegetables are at their best and most nutritious when grown in sync with the seasons. Genetically modified vegetables are not as tasty as those that are grown according to the season. Buy from local markets to ensure they are fresh
  3. Eliminate processed food
  4. Drink at least 1.5 litres of warm water, or water at room temperature throughout the day
  5. Eat small portions regularly
  6. Eat slowly, very slowly. This will give the body time to register that you are full. Eating quickly increases the likelihood you will overeat. It is ok for the body to feel hungry between meals
  7. Only eat when you are hungry. It is surprising how often we eat because we should, not because we are hungry. If you don’t get hungry, visit an acupuncturist, this is a common occurrence with under-stimulated Qi
  8. Intermittent fasting is good for the body. Make your smallest meal dinner, have your last meal at least 3 hours before you go to bed. This will allow the body to use energy to recover overnight instead of spending energy digesting food
  9. Eat for your body, some people require more fats like olives and avocados, this will also improve your skin, hair and how you age. Following diets and food trends doesn’t work for everyone; it is important to eat what your body is craving, if you feel like red meat, eat red meat
  10. Remove artificial stimulants; energy drinks, sugar or sugar replacements, alcohol and nicotine
  11. Walk. Particularly after meals. Walking will assist the body with digestion, and in the cooler months improve circulation to keep you warmer
  12. When we crave sugar or fast food, it is not what the body needs. Paying attention to your health and the foods you crave will give you an indication of any deficiencies in the body; craving salt can be a sign of magnesium deficiency, sugar can indicate low adrenal function requiring vitamin b


These are our staples for health and wellness, and easy to follow. They do not require excessive planning or a lot of work, try this for 2 weeks and notice the difference in your body.

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