The Look: The editor KELLIE HUSH

Being an editor of one of the most read and stylish magazines around the world requires a woman to have many shoes. The beauty shoes, the travel shoes, the celebrity shoes, the fashion shoes and the shoes that gives her the authority and knowledge to sign off on matters that are close to our hearts; love, life and health. Harpers Bazaar Editor Kellie Hush must have a wardrobe to rival that or SJP, with her collection of shoes appropriate for all occasions. She never puts a sole wrong.

The Editors Office on Harpers Bazaar allows you to explore the mind and choices of Hush as she works with the HB team. Via HB

Describe your style in three words?
Can I use four? Classic with a twist

What’s your style motto?
Great style should be and look effortless.

Who is your style icon and why?
Tough choice but if i had to narrow it down my modern-day favourite would be Gwyneth Paltrow. I love Gwyneth’s on and off-duty style and her white Tom Ford Oscar gown is still one of my all-time favourite red carpet moments.

What’s your go-to party-season outfit this year?
Shoes and more shoes. I bought these amazing Céline heels in New York and I also couldn’t resist Prada’s floral mary jane platforms. They lift a LBD to new heights – literally!

What is your signature accessory this season?
I’m loving big bold cocktail rings. My Canturi Odyssey butterfly ring is rarely off my hand.

What’s your army candy of choice this season?
I am a bag-a-holic and swap my handbags almost daily but if i had to choose I’d say the tote — my Givenchy and new Armani tote.

What’s your favourite in your wardrobe right now?
My new Josh Goot floral dress. Adore it.

What was the first splurge designer item you purchased?
The most perfect pale blue Miu Miu loafers. I wore them until they disintegrated. I also have a few “vintage” Marc Jacobs silk dresses
I love.

What’s the oldest go-to item you have in your wardrobe?
A pair of Charles Jourdan pistol boots I bought in Paris in 2007. I’ve had them re heeled more times than I can remember.

Name three things on your Christmas wish list this year?
Sleep! And maybe also a Chanel J12 and a pair of studded Gucci loafers.


So what does a fashion editor pack for Milan?

ImageGen.ashx ImageGen-4.ashx ImageGen-3.ashx ImageGen-5.ashx ImageGen-6.ashx ImageGen-2.ashx ImageGen-1.ashx

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