The Soul Diet

There are 4 key ingredients to the soul diet, and they’re probably what you suspect, but there is no right or wrong step, and there are definitely no limitations or restrictions to a soul diet. All you need is real food, lots of water, enough exercise to make your muscles feel hot, and gratitude, lots of gratitude.

I have a firm belief that gratitude is the foundation of happiness. When we are grateful for what we have, whether it was given to us or we worked our derriere off to get it, it is enough. With gratitude comes a sense of fulfilment, and this fulfilment replaces our feelings of  wanting, or the idea, that we need more.

Because we don’t.

It’s surprising how little we need to survive (see 4 key ingredients).

Your task: This weekend, go out with your girlfriends, best friend, sister, brother or mother and enrich your soul. Go to a good restaurant and order some good food. I’m not talking about spending a days wage on degustation, I’m taking about heading to your local Cardamom Pod and enjoying basic nutritious food. This is not about escaping, it’s about being present, so ditch alcohol and drink water, share a pot of tea and enjoy the simple, uncomplicated moments.

Next, seek live music. Music can be felt through every cell in our body, it can shift us into happy and positive state of mind, and releases endorphins. Listening to music triggers a basic instinct to move, and dancing has an innate ability to change the way we feel – even if that means making us feel silly for a while. Don’t take yourself so seriously. A few hours on the floor, listening to live music will make your muscles (and possibly feet) burn.

Enjoy task one of the soul diet! Connect to @qigirl_ on Instagram and share your soul tips

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