Blog Crush: Little Rae Berry

Clothing-lifestyle-Home-Cacti is Little Rae’s mantra when it comes to the staples and it would appear foundations of style. Anything that features Cacti as a category alongside clothing, lifestyle and home, has won my heart. The cacti has been on the cusp of taking over the bonsai for a while for its low maintenance, high risk qualities. It’s not as romantic as the bonsai, nor as earthy or bohemian as the fiddle head, but its nomadic air adds a unusual punch of devil-may-care to interiors. For cacti inspiration, alongside home, clothing and lifestyle, check out @Little_Rae_Berry

1/65 Queen St Berry NSW 2535  Clothing-lifestyle-Home-Cacti @qigirl_

Mik in @zuluandzephyr white dot lace-look pant @qigirl_ @qigirl_ Photo 23-07-2014 8 26 57 pm @qigirl_


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