Early Morning Minority

‘Morning people’ are often misunderstood within society, some say ‘never trust a morning person’, similar to the distrust of those that don’t drink coffee or wine. But, there are a few things about the morning minority that give them the edge…

  • Studies show watching the sunrise increases Serotonin, making us feel content and happy.
  • “Morning people” possess desirable qualities such as being more positive, optimistic and feel more satisfied with their lives.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, the hormone Serotonin also improves sleep quality, watching the sunrise, exercise and certain music can stimulate Serotonin production for improved sleep quality.
No need to get all Betty Draper

No need to get all Betty Draper

  • Establishing a sleep routine is critical in maintaining a stable body clock, sleep experts say this is important to get quality sleep.
  • To stabilise late nights or travel, catching-up on sleep and long sleep-ins on weekends can make us feel lethargic, experts say you’re better to stick to a regular sleep pattern.
  • Exercise in the morning is also a good way to kick-start your day, body and mood. Anything from running, cross fit or a pump class at the gym, to yoga in your living room or a brisk walk will increase happy hormones, oxygenate your body and make you feel as though you’ve accomplished something (even on a monday).
  • You will have more time for a nutritious breakfast, improving thought clarity throughout the day
  • If you don’t plan your day the night before, you will have time to set goals, write to-do lists or plan odd jobs, this will help improve productivity


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