How to get over a break up

  1. Allow yourself to feel, if you repress your feelings, the need to cry, or try to avoid the emotional roller coaster that’s pending in the back of your throat, you run the risk of losing your S*** the next time Say Something comes on the radio at the supermarket.
  2. Watch sappy, happy romcoms, and remember that love is lovely, and there is always someone else. Studies show watching people in love releases serotonin and makes us feel good.
  3. Don’t make it the centre of conversation with your girlfriends 24/7. If you need to talk about it, shout your bff a coffee date and pour your heart out.
  4. Get serotonin: exercise, music, dancing, nutritious food, laughter, sunshine
  5. Watch the sunrise. This will remind you that there is always another day (literally) and figuratively, as you mentally unravel the past x-months or years. The negative ions from the ocean will help clear your mind.
  6. Get outdoors. Don’t spend your days in a dark room wallowing. Go to the beach, go for a bushwalk, bike ride with friends, have a picnic.
  7. Spend time with family, surround yourself with people you love and that love you and talk about whats going on in their lives
  8. Start a new routine. The best way of breaking out of an old life, is starting a new one.  Go to a new coffee shop, go for a walk in the morning, join a new gym, get a journal, get cooking, kick start a diet or exercise plan, learn about meditation or Buddhism, make wednesday night taco-night with your housemates or friends.
  9. Write a con list of all the things you didn’t like about said X
  10. Write a pro list of why it’s great to be single

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