Spring Forecast

The Gold Coast is feeling abuzz with signs that Spring is just around the corner. It could be the warm northerly, the earlier mornings and a touch of balmy days, but there’s something in the air carrying us away from the chill of winter. Spring is a time to renew, and spring cleaning is a ritual of our grandmothers that shouldn’t be overlooked for its abilities to refresh and brighten both you and your home.

Here are some tips for Spring Cleaning

  • Start in one room and work your way through the house; If you pull apart every cupboard before the last is cleaned out and organised, you will end up with more mess than you started with.
  • Working through each room will also help organise the next room, you will have a clear idea of the spaces that need to be sorted (wardrobe, linen, laundry, kitchen etc) and the miscellaneous bits & pieces that can be kept and thrown.
  • Be ruthless; If you stumble across a picnic basket, pair of jeans, or house-hold nicknack you haven’t seen in over a year, and didn’t miss – chances are you don’t need it. Toss it.
  • Out with the old isn’t an excuse for in with the new. Once you’ve decluttered, resist the urge to fill the spaces with unnecessary things. Studies show that people with few material possessions report feeling more carefree in their lives.
  • Do a thorough job, if you’re going to the effort you may as well go all out. No shortcuts.
  • If you have a few ‘miscellaneous’ draws or shelves around the house, sort them at the same time by emptying the contents into a laundry basket and going through it as one. This way, things like batteries, pens, hair ties etc, can be clumped together, and other items that have been doubled up on over the years can be tossed. Store small things in ziplock bags to keep them organised and prevent them from rolling around in draws.
  • If you’re brave enough to spring clean your wardrobe, allow a whole day and enlist the help of a friend that sees you often. (See Soul-cleanse)
  • Bring in some greenery. It’s been noted that people with living plants in their homes have fewer colds and are on average healthier.

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