Copenhagen on a plate

What is our infatuation with food? I find myself scrolling through pages upon pages of food, that I wouldn’t consider eating, purely because it looks so wonderful. From hearty roast lamb served with baby potatoes and rosemary gravy, to triple-tier strawberry shortbread and cream cake with a delicately woven caramel ganache sitting on top. Yes, the food itself looks wonderful, and I’m sure it’s tasty, but thats not why I like it. For me, it’s all about the composition. The colours, the origins of the food, the history of the food, the table setting, the bench-top, the decorative vase of flowers. When it comes to composition, a simple choc-chip cookie can take the cake. But who does it best? There’s no arguing that French women have the Je Ne Sais Quoi of style. Food it appears, belongs to the Danes.

This is not a surprise, given the standard of food in this historical place, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is in possession of 15 restaurants awarded the Michelin-Star (the Michelin Star is awarded to restaurants with outstanding excellence, being awarded a Michelin Star, or having it revoked, has been said to make or break an establishment). The Michelin Guide is a reference to the best European Hotels and restaurants.

From produce to presentation, the high expectations of cuisine has given the Danes a keen eye for the beauty within food and a unique tone that resonates through every frame. The experimental nature of Copenhagen’s cuisine could be the driving force behind the creative combinations of tastes, textures and tones taking food into an experience for all the senses. The minds behind some of Copenhagen’s most beautiful and tasteful blogs come from all walks of life, adding to the authenticity of this signature aesthetic. From home-makers, chefs and authors to self-confessed passionate foodies, all are contributing to the recognisable Copenhagen stamp.

signebay   Signe Bay, Copenhagen

Mettelindgaard  MetteVuns, food & travel, Copenhagen

Copenhagencakes   Cecilia, Uni student, Copenhagen

Mrsmettedam  Mette Dam, foodie, Copenhagen

Ditsen  Ditte Ingemann, Author, Copenhagen

_mariannejacobsen_ Marianne, Aarhus, Copenhagen

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