TCM Facial Reading can tell you more about your health than you think

Facial Reading is one of the best tools to diagnose what’s going on; whether it is physical or emotional, TCM practitioners are able to understand the health of your body and emotional condition based on presenting skin conditions through Facial Reading Techniques. This technique is used to diagnose ‘Qi’ deficiencies within the body.

Australian age-control therapy Qi beauty has been using the principles of facial reading to treat premature ageing and the visible signs of ageing on women of all ages, from17 to 85, women are using Qi beauty to connect the ‘best’ acupuncture points for natural anti-ageing. The treatment reconnects the energy and Qi skin needs to naturally repair.

Qi beauty Facial Reading  covers all areas of the face and refers back to the connecting organ; kidneys, lungs, heart, bladder, and small intestine. Along with the presenting conditions – breakouts, dryness, oily skin or redness, the articles will also tell you the best foods to eat to improve the function of the organ and reduce inflammation in the skin.

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