Australian made beauty rituals

Taking care of our skin is important at every age, unfortunately, we only start taking our mothers advice when we start to notice changed in our skin, hair and body, that we don’t necessarily like! As you age, you will notice your skin needs a little extra TLC to summon that natural radiance and luminosity. This can be as simple as drinking more water, getting enough sunshine, and reducing your stress levels. Depending on your age, it may be time for you to invest time and a few dollars into some key products that will make the biggest difference to the health and appearance of your skin. I’m all about natural products that have a social and environmental conscience, this means no chemicals that are going to compromise (damage) the skin, and no definitely no animal testing. I will always choose the Australian made product over an off-shore manufactured alternative, this usually means it will cost a bit more, but with this comes a honest, personal service that is more than worth a few extra bucks! Photo 7-08-2014 9 17 03 am


The ocean is amazing for your skin, the natural salts, amino acids, minerals and micro organisms have the potential to be absorbed by the skin whilst not disrupting a healthy skin pH. You may already know that salt water does wonders for certain conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, this is due to the immune boosting anti-bacterial properties. Swimming in the ocean helps exfoliate, detoxify and encourage natural cellular regeneration of skin, not to mention it is entirely invigorating!

Keeping your body active is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to stay healthy and feeling light. The lymphatic system is the regulator of flushing the body of toxins, to help maintain proper function of the lymphatic system drink at least 1.5L of water a day ( at least!) drink warm water ( not cold) walk for at least one hour – this can be broken into two 30 minute walks, and stretching. Photo 12-09-2014 11 13 33 am

My favourite activities for keeping my body in shape are convenient and easy; I prefer doing activities that can be done anywhere, anytime. Spending a morning playing in the ocean is a whole body workout, try swimming or walking against the current. I kick start my morning with 5-10 repetitions of the 12-step sun salutations, a nightly combination of Pilates and ballet to elongate limbs, work on strength, the core and toning. I also avoid sitting as much as possible, but if you have to sit at a computer, break it up; A quick walk around the office, up and down stairs, or do some yoga stretches (outfit permitting!).  Walking keeps the lymphatic system functioning and relieves tension from the shoulders so as much as possible, get walking!


For beach hair, you can’t go past the real thing. To give hair extra oomph at the beach and soft, natural waves, carry a small coconut oil spritzer and spray lightly through your hair after swimming. This will help hold the mermaid-locks together an minimise fly-aways! Coconut oil is also a great hair conditioning treatment, if you’re after sun-bleached locks applying a little coco-oil will help reduce dehydration.

It’s hard to find Australian made coconut oil, but Banaban Gourmet Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made from imported ingredients and packaged in Australia. It is also Australian Certified Organic.Photo 17-09-2014 11 16 33 am


Something we need to take care of is our lips! They’re often overlooked or only remembered when we try to apply lipstick to chapped lips and get an undesirable outcome. A new favourite, courtesy of Elle Magazine, is lanolips. Founder Kirsten Carriol set out to create a completely natural, ultra-pure lanolin lip ointment that offers moisture with a lush, glossy finish. The effects is a multi-purpose ointment that I wouldn’t leave home without! I’m all for multi-tasking for products, and so far Lanolips offers lip care, adds some oomph to cheekbones (highlighter) and holds eyebrows in place. It’s earned its place as a handbag essential.


Call me biased but I cannot go past Qi beauty for all things skin-related. Organic Seabuck Thorn Oil is a featured ingredient in almost every product, and i you’re not getting enough of it, it’s available in a beautiful 15ml dropper to be used as you see fit! The Seabuck Thorn oil has has been extracted from the Seabuck berry using the Co2 extraction method – which means you get the oil in its purest form. Use this oil to treat anything, from dehydration to excess oil, redness and break-outs. The Seabuck Thorn oil stabilises the skin pH for clear, calm skin.

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