Essential Travel Tips

There’s nothing worse than settling into a long flight in a state of disarray, not knowing where your headphones are, wishing you packed mouthwash & didn’t bring your electric toothbrush, had a change of clothes that didn’t look like pyjamas when the 13th hour in the sky approaches, and was better equipped for the dashย to the next terminal. Having the essential travel tools neatly organised into the perfect travel tote makes a long journey effortless, and also avoids last minute trips to airport pharmacies, news agencies or Victorias Secrets for forgotten items. Pack your travel bag starting with the basics.

The perfect bag has a square base, is quite deep ( Channeling Mary Poppins) with multiple pockets and sections inside. It is slightly structured with a wide zip for easy access and security. It is sturdy, with handles and a shoulder strap. It’s probably black, as it will function as a foot rest for the majority of the time.

How you’ll pack it:

In zip lock bags. EVERYTHING. If you’re not a ‘planner’ now is a good time to start. Think ahead and imagine what you’ll need when you immediately get on board. Headphones, easy money for snacks, a tissue, maybe a scarf. Then think about going to sleep; an eye mask, toothbrush, mouthwash, change of clothes. Pack your bag into sections so you can ninja your way around the plane without emptying the contents of your handbag into a strangers lap, or lugging it up & down the aisleย with you. Zip lock bags are a life saver. They will keep the dry things dry and make your life so easy you’ll think you actually enjoy 28 hours of travel. Keep your passport and immediate travel documents in a ziplock bag – it will keep them weatherproof and save space.

Don’t forget:

  • Your passport
  • Note pad & pen
  • Ear Plugs, headphones
  • Travel size: Tissues, toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant, baby wipes, hand sanitiser, eyedrops, (store it all in a clear zip lock bag)
  • Hair-ties, lip balm, eye mask, socks
  • A scarf; cocoon yourself when you’re trying to sleep
  • Vicks inhaler, saline nasal spray
  • To drink at least 1.5L water
  • Additional phone power supply (battery)
  • Phone USB charger cable
  • Extra ziplock bags (2 sizes for various items)
  • If you’re on a long flight take a change of clothes, including underwear
  • Snacks: Protein bars, sesame snaps, mixed nuts.

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