Tasmania in a weekend

Tasmania has an exquisite pallet, and though it has an abundance of bakeries delivering mouthwatering French-style brioche, Mediterranean-inspired sourdough, and the most decadent meat pies you’ll ever taste, the availability of gluten free, and fresh options is equally satisfying.

Walking around Salamanca you would be forgiven if you thought you were in Melbourne, San Francisco, London or France. Picturesque two story terrace homes overlook narrow one way cobblestone streets, with footpaths shadowed by hydrangeas, Roses and Ranuncluacae, spilling from behind low wrought iron gates.

Through my own walking tour and instagram ‘research’, I found two restaurant-bakeries that meet my pre-requisites when you’re going solo, they also had the best staff i’ve ever encountered.

Rustic, artisan bakery Jackman & McRoss is a brief walk from Salamanca square, opening at 7am on Saturday the place was aromatic of freshly baked breads, pastries, and pre-made full breakfasts. There were three dining rooms, a seating bar overlooking the table and chairs lining the footpath overlooking the street. By 8am this place was a buzz, takeaway coffees, stand-and-chat with a danish in one hand and coffee in the other seems a common practice, as does having cake for breakfast. I wasn’t as daring, though there were gluten free options I instead chose the Eggs Benedict on Brioche with rocket $11 and an EB tea $4. It is clear that this is a local haunt, with the regulars indulging in weekly (or daily) rituals of Jackman’s kitchen and coffee machine.  57 Hampden Road, Battery Point, 62233186Photo 11-10-2014 8 45 42 am

Photo 11-10-2014 8 42 38 am Photo 11-10-2014 8 29 04 am Photo 11-10-2014 7 38 59 am Photo 11-10-2014 7 29 22 am









































































Daci and Daci Bakers is a traditional french bakery with Croque-monsieur, Almond croissants and a selection of guilty-pelasure gluten free choices. Inside seating caters for every mood; in the window overlooking passersby, at a white-wash communal dining table or in a cosy corner up the back, or if the sun in shining, there is an elevated outdoor space with about 10 small tables and overhead heaters to keep you cosy in the cooler months. Every seat has a clear view of the floor-to-ceiling windows and cabinets filled with traditional french desserts and savoury selections including salads, sandwiches and various quiche. There is dine in and takeaway option for every meal or item, but indulging in this Parisian hideaway is a must for the solo sitter or a romantic hideaway. 11 Murray Street, Hobart 6224 9237
Photo 10-10-2014 4 33 45 pm
Photo 11-10-2014 5 46 09 pm
Photo 10-10-2014 4 25 55 pm

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