Organic Facial Gold Coast

The Organic Qi beauty Facial Treatment is available at the Qi beauty Clinic on the Gold Coast, but what does ‘Organic’ actually mean? When Qi beauty says organic, they are talking about more than the products applied to the skin featuring both natural and organic ingredients.  The Qi beauty Facial Treatment is organic in the purest sense of the word; the essence of the Facial Treatment is the biological response  triggered by the stimulation of 1000 gold plated Qi micro magnets. Throughout the 1-1 1/2 hour facial, Qi Micro Magnets are arranged in a unique design on your face, neck or décolletage in a ‘matrix’ created just for you; to suit your skin, and desired outcome of your treatment.
As the Qi beauty micro magnets stimulate skin an organic response occurs releasing the anti-aging compounds our skin need to assist the repair of damage that causes ageing. As soon as the Qi beauty micro magnets are applied, skin is stimulated at a sub dermal level and slowly the organic compounds stored in our skin are encouraged to move upwards; reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, strengthening the lip line, reducing inflammation causing breakouts and sensitive skin, hydrating the skin from the inside and most importantly, the Qi beauty Facial Treatment delivers vital elastin and collagen to make skin appear youthful and radiant.

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