Gitana bush flower essences, Gold Coast

Gitana is the latest addition to the Gold Coast’s offering of holistic healing, the personal project of  Gold Coast local Kirby Pedersen. After working in a high-stress environment for 5 years managing two restaurants and experiencing her own exhaustion; mentally, physically and emotionally, Kirby started exploring the softer side of life and the relationship between nature and the body for health, healing and balance. A two year journey led her to bush flower essences, what she describes as natures remedy to offering us a state of natural balance.

Gitana Essences are made from Australian Bush Flowers, “Our bodies are always trying to reach a state of balance but due to our stressful and busy lifestyles we sometimes carry the road blocks that prevent us from getting where we want to go.”

“The remedies are created using specific essences relating to emotional or physical conditions, some are pre made – things to ease nervous tension or anxiety, sleeplessness or lack of energy. But mostly I make them after talking to someone for a while, it’s important to get a feel for them and what is going on in their lives, it’s very personal.”

The art of Bushflower essences has been forgotten by many, but this traditional remedy is successful in providing an energetic release of stored issues that may be blocking you from achieving emotional and physical balance.

“Once the emotion and/or memory has been released from the subconscious mind, the physical issue that came about from this emotion has the freedom to go back into balance.. Gitana Essences are gentle but very effective. It was important to me that people did not feel overpowered, the body will only take up messages that are appropriate and true to you.”

“Each blend comes with a personalised affirmation. Affirmations can be very useful for further empowering the actions of the essences. They are positive statements which help to program the subconscious mind. I recommend speaking, rewriting or singing the affirmation (or whatever resonates with you) at the same time as taking your personal blend.”

Bush flower essences are safe for babies, pregnancy, breastfeeding and can be taken with any medications.

Gitana has an online store here,
Check out Gitana Essences website

contact Kirby at 



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