Hit reset for Energetic mornings

Most of us know that how we feel in the morning has a lot to do with how we spent the night before, this doesn’t just apply for Sundays. Feeling energetic and enthused in the morning sets us up for a productive day, it doesn’t just affect our work ethic, but the way we interact with friends and colleagues. Our mood and disposition affects every aspect of our lives; performing well at work, achieving personal goals, and having positive conversations with the people around us.

Being proactive, planning ahead and sticking to your schedule are all important in setting yourself up for a successful morning, ie. not hitting snooze 15 times.. Try these simple steps to resetย your morning:

  • Ditch your phone, laptop or tamagotchi at least an hour before you plan to go to bed
  • Change your routine. A lot of people get home from work and fall into the couch; relaxation needs to be uninterrupted before you go to bed. Instead of sitting on the couch for a few hours then trying to organise yourself before crashing into the bed, get as much done as possible before you ‘switch off’ for the night.
  • If you have trouble switching off, have a shower just before bed and apply an aromatherapy oil or lotion to your shoulders (something with lavender or rose will help you relax) and hop straight into bed.
  • Stay away from sugar at night, sugar is a stimulant and causes inflammationย in the body, this makes it harder to fall asleep, and contributes to feeling tired in the morning.
  • Instead of watching TV at night, listen to music or audio books as you go about your nightly rituals
  • Do light exercise after dinner, this will stimulate digestion and improve circulation. Try a 30min walk, light yoga or stretching. It will also clear your mind for a peaceful sleep.
  • Try to sleep 6.5-8 hours.
  • Keep a pen and paper next to your bed for wayward thoughts, deal with them in the morning
  • Drink 2-3 cups of warm water in the morning (yes, before your coffee) add some lemon or mint for flavour

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