Hippie Lane: Health is the new black

If you can get past the incredibly fashionable tagline, (“Health is the new black”) you will quickly discover Hippie Lane is so much more than raw desserts. It’s art. Ok.. I might be biased. As a raw dessert enthusiast, the tasty treats created in the kitchens of artisans within a 100km radius, has taken over chocolate on the food pyramid. Hippie Lane, born out of need by founder Taline Gabrielian. After being diagnosed with food intolerances (egg, flour and wheat) she had to change her lifestyle for her health, thereby eliminated her daily treat. Missing the ‘sweet fix’, she began exploring ways to create a healthy treat without compromising her health.

She says:

“It’s all about conscious eating in our home. I feel that its my responsibility to nourish my children so that they have every opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential. I try to make it fun, and luckily my kids are all for it.”

Check out the Hippie Lane website, or keep in touch with Instagram

Tagline: Hippie Lane Maker of raw & baked vegan treats | Mum of two | Passionate about nutritious organic food

Photo 17-11-2014 7 02 40 pm Photo 17-11-2014 7 02 33 pm Photo 17-11-2014 7 02 30 pm Photo 17-11-2014 7 02 25 pm Photo 17-11-2014 7 02 12 pm

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