Digestion: microbiota and neurotransmitters

New studies are showing the relationship between gut bacteria and microorganisms is the main obstacle in weight issues for people that find it hard to maintain a healthy weight. It’s no surprise that one of the main elements affecting the balance of bacteria in the gut is stress.. Tell us something that isn’t affected by stress levels! Interestingly, research with animals has shown that a change in gut microbiota can radically change their behaviour, timid animal behave more boldly for example. This research is answering a lot of ‘chicken or the egg’ questions about the relationship between food and mood, gut microbiota and neurotransmitters. It is answering questions about the effect what we eat has on the way our brains function, it has already been coined that sugar is the most addictive substance on the planet, one we all abuse.

Kathie Madonna Swift is a naturopath specialising in the gut microbiota. Here she talks with ELLE

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