Training to suit you

Finding the best workout to suit not only your body type but also your lifestyle and headspace can take a few years, there’s a lot to figure out when it comes to working with your body to get the results you want, while still maintaining a healthy balance in other aspects of your life. The last thing you want to feel is that maintaining your health is a sacrifice, to your social life, appetite or mental-state. There are some things to consider when working out how we want to work-out, a great tool is to use the 8 colours of fitness based on the Myers Briggs personality assessment. This will sort out if you should approach your new year in the gym or at the beach, with a personal trainer or close group of friends.

Which colour do you think you’ll be? There’s a quick quiz based on the MB test to work out your colour.

  • Blues are safety-conscious, and good at creating their own space and concentrating in a gym.
  • Golds are traditional, conservative, and like to share their exercise experiences and results with others.
  • Greens are nature lovers who enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Reds  like to live in the moment and compete in team sports.
  • Whites prefer to plan, hate to be rushed and are visionary types who enjoy calm spaces.
  • Saffrons  like to express themselves as individuals and are attracted to spontaneous, engaging activities.
  • Purples are routine-oriented and enjoy repetition.
  • Silvers  like exercise to be disguised as fun.

Ultimately, the best exercise or fitness rituals are those based on who you are and what you enjoy. Forcing yourself to go to the gym at 4.30 because it’s what you think you should do, instead of taking time out on sunday to go for a walk with friends which is what you actually want to do, is not a great strategy. Think about your lifestyle and your priorities. If you need to combine your social life with fitness to incorporate more exercise into your life with out sacrificing other parts, then thats exactly what you should do. Likewise, if you need to have more downtime to yourself, do what you need to do to make that happen – and stop making excuses. Nothings impossible. Think about what works for you and be honest about what you will actually do. If you can’t see yourself doing something, then you probably won’t. Remember, it takes 2 months to break a habit, and 66 days to form a new one (yes, 66 days). Committing to a new habit or routine isn’t about the activity itself, it’s a commitment to yourself. Once you do this you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to.


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