2015 blog love, The Planthunter

It might be soon to call it, but i’m the sort of person that, when I see something I like, I like it instantly, and intensely, and it’s safe to say i’ll like it forever. So when I found The Planthunter – Life with Plants, it was like having christmas dessert all over again. Although officially the year hasn’t started yet, I have a feeling Planthunter is going to be my favourite blog for the coming year. You see, it’s the amalgamation of life, and plants. It’s about people, and plants. Recipes, and plants. Food, and plants. It’s all the things we love about life, all the luxuries, the niceties, the sometimes mundane necessities, with the added beauty of plants teaching us how to incorporate the vitality and energy of nature into daily life. If you have an appreciation of horticulture you’ll enjoy the ideas, DIY, knowledge and anecdotes on Planthunter.

ph_logo Cabbagecammomile_tile-456x354

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