Life Qi: Rainy bed day

Sometimes our lucky stars allow us the ultimate luxury of lingering in bed for a while longer to hit the snooze button on life (just for a minute or two). Usually a sunday treat, there’s something extra special about taking a sunday morning on a monday. There’s nowhere I’d rather be on one of these mornings.. When the world outside is quiet & drizzly, rain tapping away on a tin roof and the cicadas ever-present approval of a much needed shower. I’m no novice to the rainy-day-Qi, keeping a copy of Porter near the bed, and the weekend edition of The Australian stays on my side-table for early mornings just like these. Starting with warm water and lemon followed by a bottomless pot of English Breakfast tea keeps me in bed for a few hours. This is Life Qi. My favourite part of the morning though is applying a few Qi patches for an early morning eye lift or detox treatment, all from the comfort of my bed!

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