Detoxing with warm water and Lemon

I’be been both a fan and advocate of the benefits of drinking warm water with lemon since I was 15, when it eased some serious abdominal discomfort I was experiencing after eating a family size bucket of popcorn at the movies. Needless to say, I am no longer a fan of popcorn, but my appreciation of the health benefits of lemon will never waver. I start my day with a squeeze of lemon before my second staple, tea. If you’re not sold on this detox/cleansing/beauty/energy-boosting ‘secret’, here are some facts about the simple lemon that may change your mind. If you aren’t a fan of the morning tang, have it throughout the day. I also like to have a glass after dinner.

  • The most noteworthy element of lemon is that it helps maintain a balanced pH of your body
  • It aids digestion, eliminates toxins and reduces stomach bloating, and also cleanses the liver
  • Rich in vitamin C to help boost your immune system and is a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • It contains: Citric acid, calcium, magnesium, pectin fibre and potassium
  • If you wake up with a sniffle add 1/2 tspn of honey (also good for digestive enzymes)
  • Potassium content in lemons is reported to nourish brain and nerve cells

One lemon will last a week, add it to your shopping list and slice as you need it!

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